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Maarvi respects the privacy of its clients and values the trust they will place in it with their personal information. Maarvi is liable to protect their privacy as well as in using their information responsibly.
Our privacy policy is intended to make you understand that what information is collected from you as well as why and how we use it. Considering your privacy we also give you choices that you can make about how we collect and use your information.

What information is collected?

Maarvi usually collects personal information from its clients when they establish an account or update it on maarvi. It may collect information when its clients participate in a quiz, survey and poll or shop online. At times it may require personal information when they intend to check the status of an order, review an order history or if they want to join maarvi’s mailing list or any other of its social-networking sites.
Personal information that might be retrieved from the clients includes their name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, and date of birth. In addition, maarvi is liable to maintain a record of its clients’ sales. 
maarvi tends to collect navigational information about where their visitors go on the website and other information concerning the technical efficiencies of the website and services for example, time taken to get connected to the website, time taken to download pages etc. This information permits Maarvi to see which areas are most visited and helps it to understand their client’s experiences on the website in a different light and therefore encourages them to customize their communication links suiting their user’s interest. This information helps Maarvi to improve the quality of their online experiences with the website by recognizing and delivering more of the preferred features, areas and services. Maarvi will collect information regarding their clients’ computer system for example domain type, browser version, service provider, internet protocol address etc, these information can be collected from third parties as well if required, which will provide maarvi information regarding a visitor’s use of the website such as the timing of a visitor’s last visit to a page of the website.
Maarvi also collects information from third-party sources that include social media and other websites that display authorized Maarvi branding, for example, if its clients post a comment on Maarvi’s Facebook page or send it a message on Twitter, it may collect that information as described in this Privacy Policy. Please note that Maarvi may blend together this information with other bits of information that will be collected about its clients and use it as described here.

How is my information used?

Maarvi will use its clients’ information that will be collected for the following purposes:
•    To process their clients’ order and answer their queries regarding the status of their order.
•    To provide its clients with periodical e-mails regarding Maarvi’s merchandise, services and promotions.
Maarvi’s clients may not choose to receive this information as described below.
•    To send e-mails containing queries regarding its clients shopping preferences.
•    To help Maarvi improve its online shopping system and give its clients an improved shopping experience.
•    To analyze trend and statistics.
•    To protect and secure the integrity of the website and the business.
•    To be able to contact their client if required.
•    As otherwise indicated in Maarvi’s Terms and Conditions.
On occasions, Maarvi may combine the information that its clients provide with other demographic information available to them.

Will information be shared?

With due respect to its clients privacy, maarvi will not sell or rent any personal information, that its clients provide to it online, to any third party. Maarvi is liable to share information that of its clients provides with its specially chosen marketing personnel. Maarvi may have to share aggregate statistical data or demographic information about its clients with third-party companies in such a way that it does not reveal their personal identity.

Maarvi may disclose its client’s information to third-party, if it’s believed to comply with laws, regulations, legal procedure or else by government request, either by enforcement of any of maarvi’s policies or to protect the rights, property and the integrity of Maarvi and its associates and clients. Disclosure of information can be made for assistance in fraud protection and investigation. In addition, maarvi may share its client’s information in connection with a substantial corporate transaction such as a merger, consolidation, the sale of an asset, or on occasion of insolvency, that is unlikely.

Third-party Sites

If clients visit Maarvi through a link advertised on another website or from a search engine, information of that person will be collected by that website or else by the search engine. Maarvi encourages its clients to review the privacy policies of these other websites or search engines. Disclosure of information can be avoided to other websites or search engines by directly entering Maarvi into the address field of the internet browser.

How do I access or change my information?

If at any time maarvi’s clients wish to change or review their information that they had provided earlier, they can simply sign in at Maarvi and click on My Account on the navigation bar. They will then be able to change any information stored on their account. They must click Save when the changes have been made so that they can be put to effect.

How do I remove my information?

If Maarvi’s clients prefer not to receive e-mails and/or mailings, they should inform the managers of the Site on the provided contact details. The clients can submit their request to unsubscribe directly at To access this feature click here. In addition, if the client receives an e-mail from Maarvi, he may reply with the word UNSUBSCRIBE written in the subject line.

What are cookies?

Cookies are browser features that assign a unique identification to the clients’ computer. Cookies are typically stored on the computer’s hard drive and are used by Maarvi to help it recognize a browser as a previous visitor, personalize the visitor’s shopping experience and save and remember any preferences or other actions that may have been set while the browser was visiting For example, if the visitor place items in their online shopping cart, Maarvi may use cookies to keep those items in their cart for future access. It may also use cookies to recognize the visitor when they return to the site, provide them with access to their account information, and understand their use of the website so that Maarvi can improve its features and customize communications for them. It may also use a cookie and/or other technologies, including clear gifs or web bugs, which are typically stored in e-mails, to help Maarvi confirm the receipt of, and response to its e-mails and provide its clients a more personalized experience. Cookies do not contain the name, address or any financial information of the clients of Maarvi.
Clients can refuse cookies by turning them off in their Internet browser. In order to disable cookies, they must consult their browser's help section for instructions. If the cookies are turned off, the clients may not be able to use some of the features of the site and will not be able to purchase from the website, as Maarvi will not be able to track the person’s online order, however they may still place an order by calling up Maarvi


What is "phishing"?

"Phishing" is a scam designed to steal the visitors’ personal information. If the clients receive an email that looks like it is from Maarvi asking them for their personal information, they should not respond. Maarvi will never request its clients’ password, user name, credit card information or other personal information through email.

Does Maarvi collect my credit card information?
The clients’ credit card information never reaches Maarvi, it just gets a pass, hold or fail message from its payment gateways.

Does link to other sites?

The website may include links to other websites that are not under its control. These other websites have their own policies regarding privacy that the visitors are advised to review.

What if there are changes to this Policy?

Maarvi may update the Privacy Policy from time to time. When the changes are made, they will be posted here. The visitor’s are advised to check this section from time to time, because by visiting the website, they automatically agree to accept any such changes to these policies. Except as otherwise mentioned herein, this Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from the clients on the website.