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Maarvi, is a newly cultivated platform to put forward designer eastern outfits that express elegance with simplicity, giving the lady the ethnic style she deserves.

The idea of had come alive in the head of a young entrepreneur while sitting at a dhabba and having a chaai. The young mind had given birth to Maarvi considering the immense talent in subcontinental fashion industry that is deeply exploited and overly neglected. This company features designers who have been working for the past few years gaining immense experience yet their art remains unexplored. The dresses designed by these traditional designers at maarvi carry with themselves the grand aura of the eastern culture that is still an identity of the subcontinent.

Maarvi originated from the name of a young girl who belonged to the deserts of Thar and shares a myth of love with the world. It reflects the beauty of the ‘lok’ the struggle she does to be with her love forever. This story belongs to the long lost legends of our eastern culture.  We chose this name to portray what we have in store for you; we bring an array of eastern outfits to you, which will give you the explicit sense of being a part of the eastern culture.

Women, a creation unmatched, are the basic element of fashion, style and design. Fabric has to be molded in shape to suit the vulnerability of a women and at the same time give her a sense of eligibility to launch herself in the mainstream of life. A woman’s attire alone expresses her character and nature. Eastern dresses speak of elegance that a woman holds within her and they help bring out her simplicity that is her natural ornament. Therefore Maarvi brings you a selection of eastern outfits, which contains something to suit every age and outlook.   

We can assure you that each and every order placed by you is stitched to perfection, they are not produced in economical wavelengths and are passed through multiple quality checks; therefore the end product will surely bring pure pleasure and satisfaction.

Maarvi aims to promote eastern attires to foreigners that will instill in them a curiosity and respect for such clothing.